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Biography (EN) :Dr. Cenk ALHAN has completed his BS, MS, and PhD degrees in civil engineering at Middle East Technical University (Turkey), Boğaziçi University (Turkey), and Duke University (USA) in 1996, 1999, and 2003, respectively. He worked as a research assistant at Boğaziçi and Duke Universities in 1997-2000 and 2000-2003, respectively. During his stay at Duke, he worked as a research assistant in an NSF funded project. He became a Faculty Member at Istanbul University in 2006 where he currently works as an Associate Professor in Civil Engineering Department. He works in structural and earthquake engineering areas and his research interests include high-rise structures, seismic isolation, semi-active control, irregular structures, strengthening, and engineering education. He teaches Courses in structural and earthquake engineering including Statics, Strength, Structural Mechanics, Structural Analysis, Earthquake Engineering, Seismic Isolation, and Structural Dynamics. He has given oral presentations at conferences and seminars worldwide such as those in Boston, Alaska, Edmonton, Michigan, Cambridge, Lagos, Sydney, Vienna, İstanbul, and Singapore. Dr. Alhan has published in important technical journals including Journal of Structural Engineering, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Smart Materials and Structures, Engineering Structures, Engineering Optimization, Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, Smart Structures and Systems, and and Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering for which he has received more than a hundred citations. He also acts as a Reviewer for many SCI journals. He is a member of Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and American Society of Civil Engineers. He worked as a working team member in the European Civil Engineering Education and Training Thematic Network in Romania and Spain. Dr. Alhan has also gained extensive industrial experience by working as a Senior Structural Design Engineer at Laurene & Rickher, P.C. in Raleigh, NC, USA in 2003-2006 where he has been involved in earthquake resistant design of steel, concrete, and wooden structures. He has been serving as a Structural Consultant for high-rise projects in İstanbul and İzmir.
Araştırma Alanları :Sismik İzolasyon, Yüksek Yapılar, Depreme Dayanıklı Yapı Tasarımı, Performansa Dayalı Tasarım, Yarı-Aktif Kontrol, Mühendislik Eğitimi
Research Areas:Seismic Isolation, Tall Buildings,Earthquake Resistant Design, Performance-based Design, Semi-active Control, Engineering Education
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Alhan C., Gavin H., "A Parametric Study Of Linear And Non-Linear Passively Damped Seismic Isolation Systems For Buildings", ENGINEERING STRUCTURES, vol.26, pp.485-497, 2004
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Alhan C., Sürmeli M., "Shear building representations of seismically isolated buildings", BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, vol.9, pp.1643-1671, 2011

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